A Game To Play While Waiting In Line For The Haunted Mansion

On a bad day, the queue line to the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom can be kinda grueling (especially in the heat of the day!) ROOM FOR ONE MORE is a fun game to play while you’re prepping to taking on the 999 happy haunts that reside in the mansion. Begin by selecting a small object that can be passed around easily between those that are playing. It’s more fun if the item were SOMEWHAT haunted or ‘spooky’ related, but it’s not necessary. The game is simple. One person begins holding the object, but it really doesn’t matter who. Everyone then begins looking for one of the following three things:

* A Disney character on a shirt/sweatshirt
* Someone or a group speaking a language other than English
* Someone (outside of your group) talking on their phone

When someone sees one of those things IN the line you are standing in, that person gets to take the object from whomever is holding it. When someone else sees one of the three, THEY get to take it from THAT person. The three things found cannot be used more than once (I.e. once one Mickey shirt has been spotted and called on, it cannot be used again.) One the doors to the elevator close in the attraction queue (just before the ride operator says “Step to the DEAD center of the gallery) the person holding the object wins.

Ok…now here’s the added twist…

Disney park scavenger hunt
Disney Park Scavenger Hunt!
The Great Disney Park Adventure Challenge

Disneyland Scavenger Hunt
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If at ANY time, someone around you sneezes, the person holding the object at that particular moment is dead and turned into a ghost! They must give the object to the last person he/she stole it from and are ‘out’ for the rest of the game! If EVERYONE is turned into a ghost by the time those elevator doors close, then the Haunted Mansion has defeated you all because, hey…there’s always room for one more!

For more Haunted Mansion fun - download our Disney villain adventure - it begins in the Haunted Mansion queue and lasts for an hour after you leave the ride! CLICK HERE!









"This quest was extremely fun...I WILL be purchasing this quest again. I 100% recommend! Thank you, Quest Adventures!"
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