Fun and Creative Ways To Divide Into Teams For A Disney Park Scavenger Hunt!

Ok, so you have your Disney park scavenger hunt all ready to go. Perhaps you created it yourself, or took advantage of the different ones that we offer to ensure that you get to join in on the fun. Either way, at least for larger groups, it’s considered best to break up the participants into smaller groups or teams to ensure that everyone gets to participate. Forming the groups can be a great activity by itself! Here are some fun ideas to consider as you decide how to form the teams for your adventure hunt (each idea assumes that you’ve already decided how many participants will be on each team)

Characters from a hat. Ahead of time, divide your group size by the number of participants you’d like on each team. For example, if you have 6 participants and you want 3 people on each team, then you know you’ll need 2 teams. Now, in this example, pick two different Disney stories and write three characters from each story on separate pieces of paper. When it’s time to form the teams, have each participant blindly pick a character paper from a hat. Explain that the three characters from the same story will form one team, they’ll have fun figuring out which stories were chosen and which characters/participants will be joining them on their team!

Attractions from a hat. Similar to the above, write down different rides/attractions from the park on pieces of paper. The attractions from the same land will form a single team in the same way that the Disney characters from the same story did in the above example.

Disney park scavenger hunt
Disney Park Scavenger Hunt!
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Call out like a character. Begin by choosing a few characters with fun, recognizable voices. An example would be Goofy’s “GORSH!” Write down on separate pieces of paper the different characters with their corresponding ‘saying.’ Make sure there are enough of each character so that all of the ‘Goofys’ will be on the same team. Once every participant has chosen a character, they must all, in their best character voice, say their saying so that all of the Goofy’s find each other, etc. This is a lot of fun to watch, so have your video camera waiting!

If you are planning on pairing up participants, gather enough pieces of paper, enough for one per participant. On half of the papers write a different Disney story (no duplicates.) On the other pieces, write one character from each story. Every participant will then draw one piece of paper from your collection. Allow everyone time to ask around to all of the other participants to figure out who their other partner is, matching the character to the story they are from!

Disneyland Scavenger Hunt
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For a more rambunctious group (i.e. teens!) consider this fun way to form teams. Choose team captains in advance for each team (preferably the ones that know the park the best.) Have them turn around so that they have their backs to the others. Once they are looking away, have each team member take off one shoe and put it in a single box. Now bring the box to the team captains and (while not looking at the team members lest they cheat) have them select their team members based solely on the shoes in the box.) Once they’ve selected their shoes, they can turn around and see which teams members own the shoes becoming their team mates! (Hint: Make sure to not let on about the shoes until AFTER the team captains have turned around or they might be tempted to get a look at everyone’s shoes first!)

If you have an even number of participants/teams (i.e. three teams of four people or five teams of two exactly, etc.) then this can be a lot of fun…Think of a number of Disney characters equal to the number of participants on each team. On separate sheets of paper, write down each character the number of times equal to the number of teams. For example, if you have three teams of four. Choose FOUR characters (for example, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald.) Write each name three times (equal to the number of teams.) You should have 12 pieces of paper. Now, have each participant blindly choose a paper/character from a hat. The participants must form teams on their own making sure that ONE OF EACH character are on each team. Once the team is composed, give them their list and they’ll be off and ready to go!

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