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Disney park pass holders are some of the most loyal enthusiasts on the planet. However, even the most devout can struggle to find ‘new’ fun inside the park. Sure we all have our favorite attractions, shows and snacks (*cough* churro) but often times what we long for is the FEELING of the new Disney park experience. You know, that almost magical feeling you get when you go on a brand new attraction for the first time. Well, here are some practical ideas for all of us that have been to the parks more times than we can count and are looking for some true Disney REFRESHMENT!

1. If you’re like me, you’ll likely have a ‘routine’ path you take when experiencing the park. For me, when I visit Disneyland I head straight to Adventureland first and head around the park in a natural clock-wise path. It’s almost on auto-pilot. Well, I suggest going in the exact opposite path. Sure, it breaks up the routine but there is a MUCH greater benefit. Visually you’ll feel like you’re in a different park. The attractions and theming was meant to be viewed from all angles. If you always head in one direction, you’re visually missing 1/3 of the sites if you would just turn around. Just try it…go in your usual opposite direction and see what new things you see!  
Disney park scavenger hunt
Disney Park Scavenger Hunt!
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2. Pound out a single land. This is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve done this with my older sons and we had a great time. There are lots of different ways to do it, depending on your budget and land you want to pound out. Basically, what we’re talking about it making a commitment to doing EVERYTHING in a given land. To NOT be rushed to head to attractions in other parts of the park. If you’re in New Orleans Square at Disneyland, then STAY in that land and soak up all that there is. Sit at the French Marketplace and listen to a full set of music. Enjoy a meal there. Visit EVERY shop and go on every attraction. SLOW DOWN and enjoy everything. If you’re with a friend, find a nice spot sit and chat within the themed atmosphere. Future articles will be written on this topic - right now it’s worth noting within this context.

Disneyland Scavenger Hunt
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3. As a gift, offer to be a personal guide for a friend or family member. Let’s face it, we know which queues are the longest, where the parade breaks are and where every bathroom is in the parks. If someone you know is planning a trip to the park, offer to come with them for part of the day to help get fast passes, offer some helpful tips, etc. It feels good to help someone else and when you enter the park with a mindset of giving to someone else, it’s a different type of magic…and you’ll see the park differently going forward. This makes for a GREAT birthday/anniversary/Christmas gift to someone!

4. If you haven’t done this before, this is perhaps the quickest and easiest…bring a small child, preferably one that does NOT visit the park often. Around every turn will be new surprises for them, ones that you are no longer surprised by due to familiarity. You’ll be reminded over and over again of the magic in the park with every wide-eyed look and ear to ear grin. The magic is still there and a small child will point it all out to you!


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